Here's An Answer

To the non-believer, there are no answers.” 

            - Anonymous -

Yet, I question and I find answers.

So you never dare question perceptions,
ideas, ideals, phobias, or history?
To stay stagnant and docile, and fooled?

If answers are hidden, then ask: Why?
Go on to discover and try and learn
when to accept, reject and question, still.

Now’s the time that history is woven,
by the Silenced and the Erased,
who refuse to mere believe when hurt is real.

Self-seeking says where you are stuck is “Great.”
That’s the blindfold, and Truth, if you seek it,
will wind past Self-deception back to Truth.

Wake Up.
History is written daily. Make sure
your pen does not exploit and knows Value
lies in Kindness, Fairness, Equality.

Truth encompasses Good, Bad and Changing.
It’s not found in descriptions of Virtue.
It’s obvious in demonstrative acts
of human Goodness, Evil, and Change.
© 9 June 2020 Jacquelene Martina.