Opinion: Appropriate for that era

On “Appropriate for that era” excuse

“Appropriate for that era” or “Consistent with the sentiments of that time”, are unconvincing and dishonest excuses.
Human compassion, empathy, a sense of fairness, right and wrong, decency, are ageless. It was the lack of these basic human emotions in European societies then (an even now), that has made it possible to:
● Incite hatred towards a religious group, namely the Jews.
● Enslave other humans, who first had to be classified as an inferior race.

Many in, and outside 1930s Germany knew very well, that the persecution and killing of Jews was wrong and inhumane. But, the collective mindset in the 1930s and 1940s made it “appropriate for that era”. This sounds so wrong, doesn’t it? Because it is. Decedents of Jews, today, still suffer from anti-Semitism and Neo-nazi hatred.

Still, many today, don’t think it’s cruel to say “appropriate for that era”, when it  comes to West Africans, who were dehumanised, forced into slavery, and who suffered inhumane treatment.

Decedents of Africans, who were enslaved or not, today, still suffer from racism. Racism is the product of Europeans baselessly classifying humans into races, placing themselves as the superior race, and deciding that those with black and brown skins, are an inferior race, as this serves an economic and exploitative purpose, even today.

Understand, that the only way you can dehumanise another, is to make yourself devoid of any form of compassion, empathy towards others who do not look, or pray like you. You become heartless. You are dishonest.

Understand, that the only way you can classify another human being as a commodity you can trade for profit, is to make yourself devoid of any form of compassion and empathy towards others who do not look like you. You become heartless, greedy, dishonest.

Those who choose, today, to still hang on to a thought process that dehumanises others, because of their skin tones, or, who hold objects higher than they do other humans, are perpetuating racism, and social and economic injustices.

To say that “Change takes time”, is as unconvincing as saying “appropriate to that era”. The consequences of slavery and injustice are still with us, after 300 years.
How much more time do you want to give to racism, anti-Semitism and injustice, before you take concrete actions to bring about Change?

Now, is time to show you have a heart.

© 13 June 2020 Jacquelene Martina.

Inspired by Jane Elliott. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eMwx819VFk.