• Life Before You


I can be considerate when I say how I feel.


You've received this poem "Life Before You".

Respond to this poem with a poem.

• Do you think that past things matter / don't matter in new relationships?
• Would you feel threatened by the emotion(s) expressed in this poem?
• What items, or aspects would from your partner's past life, you do not want your partner to cherish, because it hurtful to you?

Write a 4-8 line poem. Keep within the spirit of the "Life Before You" poem, by putting yourself in the shoes of the sender and express your feelings and thoughts in a considerate way.

Lessons Learnt

What lesson(s) have you learnt about yourself when you did this assignment?
Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Life Before You Emphatic Communication poetry assignment © Jacquelene Martina.