• Mailbox


We can learn to let go.


• What type of letters are drop into a mailbox? E.g. love letters, greeting cards, bills, junk mail.
• What happens to the mailbox at the end of the day?
Now you. Imagine you’re a mailbox. Letters are now other people’s stories, emotions, events.These are dropped daily into you.
• What happens to you, at the end of the day?
• What would you like happen to you, at the end of the day?
• Will you allow all these stories and emotions to be emptied as well?

Write a 4-8 line poem about you being that mailbox and how you want to end your day.

Lessons Learnt

What lesson(s) have you learnt about yourself when you did this assignment?
Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Mailbox Self-awareness poetry assignment © Jacquelene Martina.