Goal and Outcomes

Poetry Assignments

I devise my own poetry assignments with a Theme and a Lesson attached to that theme.

“To use your own words to write poems that help you feel good, and inspire others.”

Golden Rule
“No matter how you start out writing your poems, you always end on an inspiring note.”


To help improve your emotional wellbeing by practising:

Self-Awareness (SA).

Where you understand more about what is important to you, what motivates you, your own emotions and thinking patterns, and help you become more honest about how you feel.

Empathy and Consideration (EC).

Where you communicate with empathy and consideration when you honestly say how you feel. This is how you get be to be heard. You show the other person that you listen to them and that you understand, or you're trying to understand their thoughts and emotions.

You always get a lovely, impactful poem as a result of doing the assignments. That's a bonus!


You can leave your comments behind on what lessons you've learnt from doing the assignments. 

If you'd like some help from me or other users with your poem, just ask by including your draft poem in the comments.